Water Damage Guide: How Fast Can Home Water Damage Ruin a Home?

Where is it all coming from?. No one plans to have water damage. Water damage can happen from a storm, a burst pipe, or even slowly throughout the years. Learn how quickly home water damage can occur, as well as some of the signs below.

Home Water Damage

Water damage can occur instantly.

Unfortunately, water damage can also come on slowly.

Anytime water is found somewhere where it is not supposed to be found it can cause problems.

These problems tend to increase in severity over time. The longer that the water is contained where it shouldn’t be the longer it has to cause damages.

Why is there water there

There are a number of reasons that water could be somewhere it’s not meant to be.

The most common reasons include natural disasters and broken pipes. As well as, areas like gutters and basements that can easily hold more water. Water damage can even happen from faulty appliances.

It’s very important to check spaces that may hold water to make sure that there is not a constant supply of water there. If there is make sure to clean up the excess to prevent any damages.

What to look for

Mold is a telltale sign of home water damage.

There are some signs of water damage to look out for.

After the water has been in your home if your furniture begins to turn white you may have water damage. This damage can be seen almost instantly.

You will also begin to see home water damage on any furniture that is on the saturated carpet. The furniture will begin to leech and stain the carpet showing you just how fast water can damage your home.

Some water damage takes hours to be seen.

If you see the furniture that begins to swell and crack this is because the furniture was in direct contact with water. The water takes time to soak in, but it begins to destroy the furniture from inside.

Any odor that you may have in your home may be amplified by home water damage.

After a few days, water damage can really sink into a home. It’s possible to see fungus growth after a few days. It’s also possible to see wood flooring warp, and paints begin to blister and fall off the wall.

Beyond this stage, water damage can be dangerous and quite costly sinking into the structure of a home.

Get help

There’s no shame in getting help. Water damage can be difficult to find, and hard to get rid of once found. Professional water damage remediation can help.

The services of these professionals are recommended if more than a small room was soaked in water.

Not only can these professionals help with water problems, but they can help find and eliminate mold from a home too!

Sleeping Better Already

Home water damage can be scary.

It’s difficult to know what is an isn’t damaged. Water can be an issue if left untreated.

But, if you remember to look for the signs you can help protect your home.

If you are unsure and need a second opinion, check us out, we are happy to make sure your home is watertight!

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