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Fire Cleanup and Restoration

As the fire trucks leave you’re left to deal with your losses.  And a growing worry about what to do next.  Even “small” kitchen fires require extensive training and specialized equipment for proper fire cleanup.  The first 24 to 48 hours are the golden hours for preventing further losses and additional damage that would add to the time and expense of fire damage restoration.  So our certified damage remediation teams are always ready to serve Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.  They can provide end-to-end services, from first inspection to repairs and final haul-away.

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Fire Damage Cleanup

Beyond various types of fire damage caused directly by heat, scorching, and burning further deterioration from smoke and water begin almost immediately.  Smoke and soot are toxic, and highly corrosive.  They can even etch glass.  And without immediate professional drying, firefighting efforts can quickly lead to water damage. So our emergency teams will be there within an hour to begin restoring your property and getting your life back to normal.  Our fire damage cleanup services include:

  • Damage and safety inspection,
  • Emergency board up and tarp over,
  • Securing the site,
  • Setting up site lighting, dumpsters, and emergency power,
  • Assisting investigators, securing and storing evidence,
  • Debris removal, and
  • Tear-outs and demolition.

We document everything all along the way for your business or home insurance claim.

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Repairs and Reconstruction

Our fire damage restoration specialists will rescue as much as possible, and our highly-skilled crews will take care of visible as well as any hidden structural damage in your home or business.  If necessary we’re also licensed for tear-outs and demolition followed by complete reconstruction worthy of the best remodeling services.

411 Restoration

We’re the only fire cleanup company you need to call.  Our fire damage restoration teams handle everything from debris removal to replacing cabinetry.  For damage in your home, our experienced pros will help you make replacement versus restoration decisions, and respect the sentimental value of your treasures.  For business fire damage projects we recognize the value of business records as well as inventory, and work to keep your facility occupied and operational to the greatest extent possible.

A fully licensed and insured contractor, our technicians are certified by industry leaders such as the CMI, EPA, IICRC, NSHI, and PMI.  We’ll work directly with your business or home insurance company to make sure that all their mitigation and documentation requirements are met for faster claims processing.  And our experienced project managers allow us to take on the largest and most complex jobs with confidence.

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Water Damage Mitigation

Our expertise in water damage remediation services means that we can head off most damage that would otherwise result from the deluge of firefighting and sprinkler-system water.  Aggressive drying and certified mold remediation mean fewer lost possessions and fewer building repairs.  We’re also experienced in neutralizing and removing the residues left by fire extinguishers.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Proper soot and smoke removal requires specialist cleaning techniques and products.  We’ll thoroughly clean all building surfaces as well as all at-risk possessions.  That includes deep-cleaning carpet and upholstery.  We also deploy unique equipment that thoroughly and permanently neutralizes fire and smoke odors.