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Certified Water Damage Restoration Contractor In Corona, California

If your home or business in Corona has suffered damage, don’t hesitate to call on professional restoration specialists.  Our team has the training, experience, and equipment necessary for complete fire damage restoration, mold remediation, smoke odor removal, and water damage restoration.  And our primary goal is to reduce losses and the need for repairs.  Business and home insurance policies typically cover restoration services, and in most cases require specific mitigation measures if any secondary damage is to be covered.  The first hours after a fire or flooding are the most critical, so our 24-hour emergency services are available every day of the year.

Water Damage Restoration

It doesn’t take a major El Nino storm before you need professional water damage restoration services.  A burst water heater, ruptured washing machine hose, even a bath tub overflow can soak flooring to where it will take weeks to dry thoroughly.  Even in Corona summer weather.  And that can lead to swollen and warped wood along with destroyed plaster board, in addition to mold and bacteria growth.  According to the IICRC (the world-wide leading non-profit in our industry) anything that saturates more than part of a single room calls for well-trained specialists with advanced equipment.  The same goes for any contamination by sewage, long-standing water, and water that’s been in contact with soil.

Sewage Cleanup Too

Our applied anti-microbial specialists keep our workers safe and assure that you’re left with a fully disinfected and odor-free home or business.  That begins with proper containment and isolation, an important step that others often skip.

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Mold Removal Antelope Valley, California

Mold Removal

Mold & water damage go hand in hand.  Mold growth starts just 12-24 hours after a flooding incident or high-humidity situation.  It may become obvious on surfaces after around 3 days, or it may remain hidden inside wall cavities and under flooring.  While most molds aren’t highly toxic, some are.  And pretty much all species damage porous building materials as they release allergens and irritants that can lead to significant health problems.

Our certified inspectors and mold remediation technicians carefully assess the situation and take all recommended precautions to protect the health and prevent the spread of spores and other contamination before beginning mold removal.  As necessary we can also attend to carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, and mold damage repairs.

fire damage repair Antelope Valley, California

Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Odor Removal

Fire damage can be extensive, and pervasive.  Looking over what’ been burned, warped, or discolored by heat is disturbing enough.  But smoke is insidious, reaching inside furniture and electronics and penetrating deeply into the structure itself where it can’t be seen.

Our fire damage restoration services begin with a safety inspection, securing the building and reinforcing the structure as necessary, then move on to fire cleanup and repairs.  Or with extensive damage, tear-outs, and reconstruction.

Smoke damage includes staining and corrosion.  So it affects fabrics, wood, electronics, even porcelain, and glass.  Depending on the type of fire, smoke can be “wet” (oily deposits) or “dry” (powdery deposits).  Each requires different methods of smoke removal, and the wrong treatment can actually make things worse.  Our experts will deep clean soot from carpet, upholstery, and the building itself using specialized products and the latest in industry best practices.

But smoke odor elimination has to go a step further.  That’s because smoke’s fine aerosols can reach beyond surfaces that can be cleaned, and after a few days becomes “permanently” trapped giving rise to odors that can linger for years.  Our special smoke odor removal equipment creates ozone or a “fog” that deeply penetrates to neutralize odor-causing compounds before completely dissipating.

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411 Restoration


Our team includes cleaning and restoration specialists with extensive on-going training.  Their certifications include

  • Applied Structural Drying (from the world-leading non-profit IICRC, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification)
  • Certified Mold Remediator (from the Professional Mold Inspection Institute),
  • EPA Certification for remediating lead-based paint, and
  • Water Damage Restoration (from IICRC).
  • AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician)

Hours matter, so we provide 24-hour emergency services for any Corona home or business.

We’re not a franchise.  411 Restoration has been providing custom-tailored restoration solutions since 1999.  Our extensive training, direct personal experience, and dedication make a world of difference.  We understand the disruption, stress, and worries of building disasters and will work directly with your home insurance company throughout the claims process.