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Lancaster, California Water Damage Services

Your daily routine may feel a bit boring, but when it’s disrupted, things get stressful.  And with major water damage or fire damage, things can feel overwhelming.  We’re here to help, with certified fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and water damage restoration experts.  And we have the latest equipment for everything from smoke odor removal to demolition and reconstruction.

The first 24 to 48 hours are the most critical in keeping losses to a minimum.  So we provide 24-hour emergency services 365 days a year for Lancaster, California homes and businesses.  We can arrive within 60 minutes to start you on a path to a swift return to business as usual.

Lancaster Water Damage Cleanup and Repair

Whether from a plumbing failure or a major Lancaster winter storm, without professional water damage restoration services you risk hidden deterioration and eventually far more expensive water damage repairs.  That’s because dampness quickly penetrates beneath floorboards and cabinets to where it can remain trapped for weeks even though surfaces may appear dry.  And withstanding, water moisture works its way upwards inside walls where it’s likely to cause mold and may even lead to structural damage.

Our water damage cleanup specialists start with a quick but thorough inspection to determine the cause and extent of the problem.  They’ll then use our advanced equipment to dry everything before there’s time for further damage.  That arsenal includes moisture meters and infrared cameras to identify problem areas, powerful water extraction vacuums, air movers, and refrigerant dehumidifiers. We’ll also take care of cleaning and sanitation, and as necessary remove and replace building materials.

Flood and Sewage Cleanup

It’s clear that sewage cleanup involves extreme health and safety measures.  But did you know that flood cleanup involving water that’s been in contact with soil or that has been standing for a couple of days can be just as hazardous?  Our certified specialists have all the right training, equipment, and disinfectants to keep everyone safe and leave you with an odor-free home or business.  And our crews can replace any building materials that can’t be sterilized, meeting all Lancaster hazardous waste transportation and disposal requirements.

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Mold Removal Antelope Valley, California

Mold Remediation in Lancaster

Mold spores only need moisture to grow, so any water or high humidity issue can lead to problems in just a few days.  It can grow in complete darkness, so you can have serious destruction and potential health problems even though there’s nothing visible.  Our certified mold inspection specialists determine the location and extent of any mold growth.  As necessary they will isolate those areas to prevent further spread, then provide mold removal services.  In addition to absolutely thorough cleaning, that may include air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and replacing affected building materials such as gypsum board, wood, and acoustic tile.

fire damage repair Antelope Valley, California

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire cleanup involves a host of specialized tasks for the many types of fire damage.  In many cases you’re facing the water as well as fire and smoke damage that need to be dealt with immediately after the Lancaster fire department leaves.  No wonder the scene seems overwhelming.  We’re trained and equipped to take care of it all — from inspection and board-up to final repairs and haul-away.  Need cranes, heavy equipment, generators, lighting?  We do it all.

Smoke Damage

Smoke’s tiny aerosol particles are pervasive, reaching just about anywhere and everywhere in the building.  And different types of fires create different types of smoke, requiring different cleansers and techniques for removal.  You know about lingering smoke odors.  Smoke and soot also stain and discolor, and their acidic compounds can even corrode metal and etch glass.

Our experts have the latest equipment for fast smoke removal from building surfaces and are certified in protecting your possessions from further smoke damage.  Also, they have advanced gear for complete and permanent smoke odor elimination that reaches deeply into the structure itself where cleaning can’t reach.

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We’re a locally owned and operated damage remediation services company, not a franchise, serving Lancaster and surrounding areas.  Established in 1999, we’re approaching our third decade of technical expertise and quality workmanship.  Each project is tailored to the specific home or business, and our extensive off- and on-site management experience keeps everything going smoothly for even the most complex and difficult jobs.  And we’ll work directly with your insurance company to speed claims along and save you the hassle.

Our technicians hold several independent certifications covering a wide range of fire damage, water damage, and mold removal tasks, including

  • Certified Master Inspector (CMI),
  • Certified Mold Remediator (CMR), and
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in water damage restoration and applied structural drying specialties.