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Dealing with storm flooding?  A leaky roof or plumbing?  A burst clothes washer hose or water heater?  By IICRC guidelines anything that soaks more than a small part of a single room calls for immediate professional water damage restoration services.  Our expertise, experience, and equipment are ready 24/7 to get everything clean and dry before additional damage sets in and requires more extensive water damage repairs.

Whether for home or business our water damage restoration services restore and recover as much as possible.  Most people are surprised by how much water soaks deeply into the structure and that it can remain trapped for weeks.  During that time there’s mold and bacterial growth.  Wood warps and splits, and drywall swells and disintegrates.  The first 1 to 2 days are the most critical in preventing such secondary damage.  Water damage cleanup and repairs after plumbing and appliance failures are generally covered by insurance.  But even if you have flood insurance a claim may be denied if all the right mitigation steps weren’t taken during that critical period.

Large or small, our certified flood cleanup and sewage cleanup crews provide a full line of flood damage services.  When you call us you’ll always reach a live person 24 hours a day.  With a 60-minute rapid response time we’ll  soon be there to relieve your worries about the path forward.

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Flood Damage Removal

Our Certified Master Inspectors assess the extent of flooding and determine the level of sanitation, cleaning, drying, and repairs necessary.  After eliminating the source of water and removing any standing water our crews proceed with debris removal as well as thorough cleaning and disinfection using professional products. For sewage cleanup services our anti-microbial specialists set up extensive containment, isolation, and personal protection measures others often skip.

Dry Out

For limited flood damage lifting carpet for faster drying and replacing the padding may be adequate.  But more advanced drying methods are often required.  We start with water extraction from all building surfaces so our refrigerant dehumidifiers and air movers can go to work to pull out deeply trapped moisture as quickly as possible.  Weeks of natural evaporation (and accompanying damage) become just a few days for a minimum of secondary damage and the fastest return to pre-loss conditions.  All along the way, we’ll use sensitive moisture detectors and thermal imaging to make sure that nothing’s been overlooked and that everything’s proceeding as planned for complete structural drying.

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Water Damage Repairs

Our water damage restoration services include crawl space cleaning and drying, carpet cleaning, mold removal, and odor removal as well.  And our team includes skilled craftsmen for quality like-new repairs.  For extreme flood damage, we’re a licensed contractor for tear-outs and reconstruction complete with plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, and flooring.

411 Restoration

We’re an independent damage restoration contractor, fully licensed and insured.  In business since 1999, our team is dedicated and exceptionally well trained so you can count on the best in technical expertise, workmanship and materials, and customer care.  From prompt 24/7 emergency services to complex multi-phase projects we have everything necessary to return your home or business to pre-loss condition.  And we’ll work directly with your insurance company to save you the hassle and for a faster, smoother claims process.

Professional Water Damage Removal & Restoration (310) 729-7199